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Two Choices: Draft Paul Ryan or focus on Congress if is Romney nominated

Last night Mitt Romney got one more step closer to “inevitability” and is on pace to lock it up in South Carolina and Florida.  At the moment it is looking like we could have another McCain like defeat in the general election.  We now have three choices which are to draft Paul Ryan in a brokered convention, or live with Romney and immediately begin working the Senate and the House.  Yes we can hope Romney wins, but his win is not likely to reverse or undue the horrible trend of socialism and government size.  Only Paul Ryan has proposed such plans. Isn’t ironic candidates have to comment on their support for the plan as opposed to the candidate creating an equally powerful plan?


American Capitalists expected Newt Gingrich to create and communicate plans equivalent to or better than Paul Ryan’s because of his powerful success with the “Contract with America” in 1994. However, he didn’t and has now decided to attack a purely capitalistic practice by Bain under Romney’s leadership.  The former Speaker also made a critical mistake by attacking the Paul Ryan plan initially because he was worried about the vote by independents.  Mr. Gingrich was trying to be very pragmatic about winning in 2012 and felt entitlement reform was too strong at this time, but he has misread the polls and the giant undercurrent of desire to return to a small federal government and free market capitalism.  Ron Paul is the symbol of the desired economic policies, which do undo much of the Keynesian damage since FDR.

However, as we all know Ron Paul’s foreign policy is insane and dangerous thus he is disqualified.

The loss of life and economic damage from a World War III caused by Ron Paul’s isolationism would be historically catastrophic.  Santorum, Huntsman and Perry have all shown a propensity for the politics of the past which is touting generally conservative principles with no detailed plans to make critical tax and spending reforms.  While it is true Santorum and Perry have supported some good ideas including the Balanced Budget Amendment and the Paul Ryan plan, they are not generating plans or ideas of their own which would indicate the level of passion and skills to lead these changes into effect.  They also have no plan that could coalesce Congressional candidates, no less voters, around a single message that will lead to more critical seats in the House and Senate.  As a result voters are finding themselves forced to the default candidate, Mitt Romney.


 Keep in mind the House and Senate elections are equally important if not more important than the Presidency.   We have seen what works to get sweeping change in elections for the bi-cameral body. It happened with the Contract in 1994 and the Tea Party in 2010. Both times America was focused on reducing spending and reversing the dangerous trend of a citizenry dependent on government handouts and wealth redistribution.  We have seen the power of the 70 Tea Party votes in the House slow down the Obama machine which is effective at negotiating with moderate Speakers ready to “get along” than hold on principle.   Sadly, Mitt Romney is very ready to “get along” as he worked with a Democrat Massachusetts legislature to create Romney Care.   Do you see him standing firm at critical times to make the changes that “might be unpopular with independents”?  Isn’t it clear that Obama is going to tag him as a chronic flip flopper in the election?  You can also bet on the Obama taking up that help from Newt on Bain Capital attacks.  Therefore, a Romney win is very unlikely even though everyone in the media and Republican establishment wants you to believe he is the only one who can beat Obama. 


If we want to win the Presidency, we truly only have one choice left which is to draft Paul Ryan in a brokered convention.  While it is not guaranteed he could win with such a late entry into the race, he is a much better shot than Romney, because he actually draws clear lines of distinction, has a very winnable plan that will set us on a course to capitalism, and he is an outstanding communicator that can drive message and inspire voters.   Representative Ryan also could help pack the House and Senate full of Republicans because his message and skills are so strong.  Romney will be bogged down in a battle of many messages with Obama and unable to help a single ticket in the field at large.  Can we get a brokered convention to make this critical change?  It is very unlikely, unfortunately, because it would require some establishment help, and voters would need to take a very active role.  At the moment, voters seem quite content going to the default selection, but it would be wonderful if voters rose up and drove this critical change at the convention.   Yes it is true voters, including American Capitalists are also dissatisfied with the Presidential choices. It is shocking that none of the conservative candidates understood the nature of this election and couldn’t find a way to defeat a Massachusetts moderate that created the model for Obama Care. It tells me voters are still too swayed by the liberal media in believing that we need to appeal to the “magical middle” which really doesn’t exist.


As a result we have to focus on Congress.  By packing the Congress full of Tea Party types we can be prepared to shut down Obama or help Romney go further than he normally would with change.  Here too Mr. Ryan might be able to help lead that agenda and take over the Speaker role.   Now more than ever it will take you, the voter, to drive the agenda just like in 2010. Since we are faced with a future problem in the White House, we need to focus on making the Capitol our powerbase that will finally turn America around and get us back on a healthy plan that includes tax reform, entitlement reform and a decentralized federal government. 


Maybe all the candidates like Romney’s positions

Well last night was the biggest disappointment in many ways starting with the ABC moderators who asked the most idiotic questions of any debate this election. It seemed as if Stephanopolous took a poll and found out which topics concern voters the least and generated questions on those areas. Finally, there was an opportunity to talk about jobs and foreign affairs. Who did the candidates take the opportunity to attack? It certainly wasn’t Romney.   This led me to wonder, do the candidates actually support Romney’s positions?


Do none of the candidates see an opportunity explain why mandates are bad at any government level?  One of the post debate analysts noted that even Ron Paul has failed to attack Romney in nearly every debate.  Newt Gingrich came close to addressing a Romney weakness, the timid economic plan as sited by the Wall Street Journal, but even this moment left one feeling it was a not that big a problem. After all, why should we not dial back the progressive tax code and truly reform entitlements. I found myself longing for Cain to chime in with 9-9-9, if only to break up the boring “acceptance of the status quo fest”.


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Path to victory for a conservative now

Last night’s tie for Mitt Romney could mean a loss for him overall and victory for the conservatives in the next three states.  Rick Santorum’s tie (loss by 8 votes) was really a victory on the ground and proved a conservative message trumps money.  Most importantly, we might see Perry and Bachmann drop out. If that happens, it sets up a potentially big conservative victory.   Romney got the moderates and with Huntsman running in New Hampshire, expect them to divide the same vote.  Ron Paul will get fewer anti-war kids showing up this time.  As a result Gingrich and Santorum will consolidate the 50% to 60% of conservatives to their tallies. Even if that vote is split evenly with Gingrich and Santorum, that will put them at 25-30% each with the other three candidates fighting to get past ten percent.

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American Capitalist’s Current Take on the Candidates

Tonight is the first voting night among many to come between now and November 6th, 2012.  As a result I felt I would give a brief assessment on the candidates and who is currently ranking number one based on a few key factors.  This is a different angle then the one presented on the candidates page on the blog itself.  It is also not an endorsement of the number one.   With the exception of two candidates, American Capitalists could support the entire field.

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